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The 3rd KWAF
 『The Great Women in History and the History of Women』

< The 3rd KWAF 2020 >

The work theme for KWAF 2020 is The Great Women in History and the History of Women.

Looking for

  • Self-portraits that expressed the artists themselves as ambitious and mighty,

  • Historical Paintings that showed the scenes of various movement which women activists led,

  • and works that showed women in daily or professional life.

Expecting artworks of various forms.

1. Guidance for Applicants

· When  ~ 2020.01.31. (Deadline)

· Who  - Artists passing/passed as women and genderqueers

· What  - Any kind of art

· Theme  - The Great Women in History and the History of Women

· No limit on the number of artworks that could be submitted.
· How  - Submit a free-form portfolio and an application by email (

· Download Application form

· Allocated space size - about 4 x 2.5 m (variable)

2. Schedule for KWAF Artists

2020.01.31. Application Deadline
2020.02.23. Interview by phone/email

2020.02.28. Works' photos submission deadline
2020.03.00. The 3rd KWAF crowdfunding open

2020.03.00. Artists Interview filming

2020.04.26. Workshop for artists
2020.05.01. Installation of artworks
2020.05.02. the 3rd KWAF Preview Opening

2020.05.11. Withdrwal of artworks

ž3. Notice
① Consignment Sale on Artworks and Goods
    - 15% commission on artworks displayed (Including credit card fees)
    - 30% commission on goods (Including credit card fees)
② Scheduled to take photoshoots of KWAF preview opening for press and publicity.
③ Will use the sales profit of tickets and art brochures for KWAF operating expenses.


  • Selected works will be exhibited during the 3rd KWAF period.

  • Works will be displayed until the last day of the exhibition, though they would have sold during the exhibition period.

  • For the damage protection, artists should pack and send the sold works of owns personally.

  • Images of profile and works, statements, and the commentary of works will be used for both brochures and promotions.

 If you have any further questions or great ideas for KWAF, please contact us by email.

Executive Director Hyera Lee
TEL.     +82-010-5495-6769


Exhibition Schedule

Exhibition Period       2020.05.00. - 05.00. (TBD)

Preview Opening        2020.05.00. (TBD)

Public Opening          2020.05.00. (TBD)
Opening hours           1 PM - 9 PM

Docent                       3 PM, 7 PM
Exhibition Place         (TBD)
Host                          한국여성아트페어 Korea Woman Art Fair